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Can Cats Eat Cooked Potatoes? Vet-Approved Guidelines!

Potatoes taste delicious, don’t they? But when you decide to feed them to your felines, there are certain precautions to consider.

Can Cats Eat Cooked Potatoes

Potatoes taste delicious, don’t they? But when you decide to feed them to your felines, there are certain precautions to consider.

Potatoes are everyone’s favorite vegetable and hence a staple part of your diet. As you can serve potatoes in numerous ways, they make their way onto your menu frequently and give your pets easy access. Here comes a thought-provoking question: Can cats eat cooked potatoes?

Yes, cats can eat cooked potatoes safely as long as they are free from any harmful toppings and seasonings. Avoid serving potatoes mixed with onion, garlic, and salt, as these ingredients are highly poisonous to cats. Plain, cooked potatoes are generally safe, but other forms such as mashed, fried, and baked potatoes may cause long-term health effects.

While no case of severe toxicity is reported in cats after potato consumption, vets always suggest taking precautions with cats around when you dine in. Offering table scraps to cats may promote the behavior of begging for food that isn’t meant for them.

Are Potatoes Good For Cats?

Potatoes aren’t good for cats. While they are a staple in man’s diet, they don’t offer the same benefits to felines. If your cats insist on having a taste, it’s safe to let them eat once in a while. However, if they eat potatoes as frequently as you do, they may experience significant weight gain and digestive issues.

Cats aren’t vegan so, their digestive systems aren’t adept at processing excess carbohydrates. Any source of carbs outside their regular diet will contribute to fat reserves, leading to obesity. 

What Happens If My Cat Eats Potatoes?

The consequences of cats eating potatoes may vary based on the form of potato consumed.

  • Raw potatoes: Contain a toxic compound, solanine which is poisonous for both cats and humans. Eating them may cause diarrhea, vomiting, lethargy, and confusion.
  • Fried potatoes: High in fats and often salt. While fats are required for cats, excess intake makes them obese and also causes salt poisoning.
  • Mashed potatoes: Prepared using milk, butter, and salt along with some other spices. Since most cats can’t process dairy products, they cause bloating and stomach upset.

Cats have an exploratory nature and often innocently beg for a share of their owner’s food. However, you can’t share everything with them. It’s important to be mindful of what you offer them. Cats can’t eat french fries or potato salads containing onions, salt, and other harmful ingredients.

Are Boiled Potatoes Healthy For Cats?

No, boiled potatoes or any other form of potatoes aren’t healthy for cats at all. It’s best to keep your cats away from your potato snacks to prevent any harm. While a piece or two might not cause significant damage, it’s better to avoid feeding potatoes to cats altogether, as they aren’t accustomed to human snacks.

Final Thoughts 

When it comes to treating your cat with human foods, always follow the rule of ‘less is more’. While a small taste of plain, cooked potatoes might be harmless, don’t let it become a habit. Cats, like any other animals, have specific dietary needs that should be fulfilled with appropriate, cat-specific foods. 


Can Cats Have Sweet Potatoes?

Yes, cats can eat sweet potatoes as an occasional treat since they are much safer than other forms of potatoes. However, you must monitor their intake because sweet potatoes are high in sugar and calories, making them unhealthy as a long-term treat.

Can Cats Eat Potatoes With Chicken?

You can feed potatoes with chicken to your cat if it has developed a liking for potatoes. Consider adding some plain, cooked potatoes to their regular protein-based meal. This will help satisfy their cravings without disturbing their diet. 

Is Raw Potato Toxic To Cats?

Yes, raw potatoes are highly toxic to cats and can be fatal if consumed in large amounts. Indoor cats that rummage through bins are at risk of encountering raw potatoes. While small bits of potato skin may not cause significant harm, nibbling on whole green potatoes is very dangerous for their health.

Rico Alanan

Rico Alanan

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