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Can Cats Eat Mango? The Truth May Surprise You

As your kitty eagerly waits to feast on your mangoes, have you ever wondered: Can cats eat mangoes? Find out below.

Can Cats Eat Mango

As your kitty eagerly waits to feast on your mangoes, have you ever wondered: Can cats eat mangoes? Find out below.

There’s nothing quite as refreshing as digging in a bowl of fresh, juicy mangoes. As you enjoy each bite, it catches your cat’s attention, and now it’s curious about this tempting fruit. But before you offer a taste, it’s crucial to ask: Can cats eat mango?

Yes, cats can eat mango as it’s safe for them. The right way to serve is bite-sized cubes after removing the peel and pit. The fruit is rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber, hence it can be beneficial for cats. However, eating mangoes too much and too often isn’t good for a feline’s health considering its potential to cause obesity and diabetes.

Though allowing your cat to eat a few mango chunks may seem harmless, it’s not always true. If you think mangoes are as delicious and nutritious for your cats as they are for you, think again! It’s a big misconception. Thankfully, Pet First Vets have answered all your queries in this blog. 

Are Mangoes Good For Cats?

While mangoes aren’t inherently toxic to cats in small amounts, they’re not beneficial either. Though they’re rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, they also have high sugar content, which isn’t ideal for cats.

Unlike humans, cats don’t depend on plant sources for their nutritional needs. Therefore, you shouldn’t make any dietary changes without consulting a vet. 

What Happens If A Cat Eat Mangoes?

Eating mangoes too often can cause an upset stomach in cats, leading to diarrhea and vomiting. Since a major portion of a feline’s diet comes from meat protein, cats have limited ability to process high-sugar foods like mangoes. That being said, a moderate amount won’t hurt your cat.

How Much Mango Can A Cat Eat?

Cats can eat mango in small amounts as an occasional treat. It’s best to limit the serving size to a few small pieces and avoid feeding it regularly. However, if your cat has any allergies or is overweight, it shouldn’t eat mangoes at all.

How To Feed Mango To A Cat?

  1. Pick a fresh and ripe mango and wash it with tap water.
  2. Remove the peel and seed to avoid any potential harm.
  3. Cut the flesh into small cubes that your cat can easily swallow without choking.
  4. Start with a small amount to see how they react.
  5. Consider freezing a few slices as some cats prefer frozen treats. 

Can Cats Eat Dried Mango?

Feeding dried mango to cats is a big no-no as it contains concentrated sugars and can be more harmful than fresh fruit. Moreover, dried fruits also contain preservatives that may add to their detrimental effects on a feline’s health. 

If your cat is becoming fond of sweet treats, consider replacing mango with less sweet options. There are many cat-safe alternatives, such as apples, bananas, and blueberries, which you can safely offer as a healthy treat.

When Cats Shouldn’t Eat Mango?

Cats shouldn’t eat mangoes if they have certain health conditions, such as obesity and diabetes. Additionally, it’s advised to avoid feeding mangoes to middle-aged or elderly cats, as they are less active and more prone to obesity.


As cat parents, it’s natural to want to share your favorite fruit with your furry friends. While you can enjoy mangoes in moderation, your cats don’t share the same luxury. So, next time you reach for that mango, consider offering your cat a healthier alternative instead.


Do Cats Like Mangoes?

Given a cat’s inability to taste sweetness, there’s little chance of cats showing any interest in mangoes. While the intense aroma of fresh, ripe mangoes may attract cats, they’re unlikely to show as much interest in the fruit as you do.

Is It Okay For Cats To Drink Mango Milkshakes?

No, cats shouldn’t be offered milkshakes or any form of dairy products as they can’t handle it. As cats are usually lactose intolerant, vets advise not to give them mango milkshakes, or any other dairy food, otherwise it’ll lead to digestive upset and discomfort.

Can Cats Eat Mango Ice Cream?

Cats shouldn’t eat mango ice cream or any type of ice cream because they are based on dairy products and are high in sugar. Cats are generally lactose intolerant, which means eating ice cream can disturb their gut health. Additionally, excessive sugar can cause dental issues, particularly in older cats. It’s best to avoid feeding ice cream to cats and instead offer them cat-safe snacks.

Rico Alanan

Rico Alanan

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