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Explore Indoor Dog Parks in Dubai for Perfect Paw-vacation

Seeking pet-friendly havens in the Emirates? Uncover the charm of indoor dog park Dubai, ensuring a secure and delightful space for your dogs to thrive.

Indoor dog park dubai

Seeking pet-friendly havens in the Emirates? Uncover the charm of indoor dog park Dubai, ensuring a secure and delightful space for your dogs to thrive.

With the mercury rising in the upcoming months, it’s high time to find indoor dog parks Dubai has opened for your canine companions. Despite its ‘No Pets in Public’ policy, Dubai offers a variety of indoor facilities for your furry friends. It is gradually transforming into a welcoming city for dogs. 

The word is getting out about indoor dog parks as they provide a safe environment for dogs to play and socialize. Provided with several amenities for dogs and their owners, these indoor facilities are a perfect escape from blazing summer days. 

If you’re on the lookout for pet-friendly destinations in the Emirates, consider the state-of-the-art dog park Dubai indoor facility, providing a comfortable haven for your furry companions. Join us as we explore these inviting ambiances to find one catering to the needs of your pups.

Dubai’s Top 5 Indoor Dog Parks for Tail-Wagging Adventures

From beaches to restaurants and parks, Dubai has many well-established and luxurious pawsitively destinations for your four-legged. However, it’s convenient to have an indoor dog park near me if you prefer planning an instant day out or morning walk with your furball. 

Indoor Dog Parks in Dubai

Thanks to our frequent visits and after closely observing and experiencing the environment and services we have concluded the top 5 indoor dog parks that are must-visit this summer.

1. My Second Home, Dubai Investment Park

My Second Home, spanning across an impressive 60,000 sq ft, is truly a dream sanctuary for every doggo. It’s the largest indoor dog park that features exclusive boarding suites to accommodate dogs of every size and breed. There is no need to be concerned about your dog’s mood swings as only the same size and temperament fellas stay together. 

Dubai Investment Park

Main Attributes

Location: Plot No 597-631, Street 29, Dubai Investment Park – 2

Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday: 08:00-20.00; Sunday: 07:00-19:00

Registration Policy: Dogs must pass a 20-minute Assessment Test to qualify for facility access.

Boarding Facility: 180 boarding suites designed for specific breeds including Little Gems Dorm, Standard, Deluxe, Presidential Suites, and Family Rooms. Each suite features personalized furnishings creating a sense of familiarity while away from home.

Amenities: Air-conditioned play areas, an Outdoor area with a pool, an Indoor swimming pool, a Dedicated zone for toy breeds, a Grooming salon, and Training workshops 

Pet-Handler Availability: Dogs receive 24/7 monitoring and constant care from trained caregivers for safety and companionship, vets are located just minutes away..

2. Dog Walk

No more guilt about kennel confinement! Offering both indoor and outdoor play areas, Dog Walk goes beyond a standard playground. Your furry friend receives special cuddle time, one-on-one fetching, and engaging activities for mental stimulation. In their daycare facility, playgroups are created where dogs engage with others of similar size and mood.

Dog Walk Park Dubai

Main Attributes

Location: Street 4, Warehouse No1, Al Quoz 4, Dubai

Opening Hours: Sunday – Friday: 7:30 am – 7:30 pm; Saturday: 8 am – 5 pm

Registration Policy: Online registration via email or WhatsApp is required followed by a behavioral assessment to participate in daycare activities. 

Boarding Facility: Small, Medium, and Large suites to accommodate dogs of different sizes. Spacious family suites to share with up to 3 dogs of the same family. 

Amenities: Indoor and outdoor park, bedding, bowls, toys, savory delights, massage, grooming, and training services. 

Pet-Handler Availability: Undivided attention and pampering from skilled caregivers.

3. Woof

Woof Pet Services is a doggy daycare paradise, boasting an expansive 50,000 sq. ft. The indoor daycare facility is divided into three air-conditioned sections tailored to your dog’s size and personality. Woof Pet Services stands out as a premier dog boarding facility, offering spacious, clean rooms for a comfortable pawvacation. Stay seven nights or more, and your furry friend enjoys complimentary grooming. 

Woof Pet Services

Main Attributes

Location: Opposite Dubai Driving Center – 8th St – Dubai

Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday: 7 am – 7 pm; Sunday: 12 am – 5 pm 

Registration Policy: Dogs are allowed after paperwork and induction assessment of 15 minutes. 

Boarding Facility: Thoughtfully designed kennel rooms with open-air tops and glass doors without cages, boarders enjoy free play in indoor and outdoor settings. 

Amenities: Freshwater, kennel rooms, bedding, bowls, and free royal canin dry food. 

Pet-Handler Availability: Dedicated dog lovers ensure your fur babies are accompanied at all times. 

4. Romi’s Home Pet

Spanning a generous 8000+ sq. ft. indoors and an additional 1500 sq. ft. outdoors, Romi’s Home Pet Nursery offers an expansive area for your pets to thrive and play. Hence, it stands out as a top-tier facility amidst the multitude of dog indoor play parks in Dubai for providing the best of both worlds; indoor and outdoor. They serve homemade food to their guests upon request. Above all, your doggo is never caged.

Romi's Home Pet

Main Attributes 

Location: 2 +7 years in Dubai – 04 885 8847 De Ville 1 building – Dubai Investments Park 

Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday: 7:30 am – 8:30 pm 

Registration Policy: Registration is free followed by an assessment process to check compatibility with the pack. 

Boarding Facility: 800 sq. ft sizeable rooms to cater to dogs of diverse sizes and builds, individual feeding stations and kennels, and family suites to share with fellow canines of the same breed.

Amenities: Air-conditioned indoor facility, outdoor playground, dog walk service with pick-up and drop-off option, grooming, and training facilities.

Pet-Handler Availability: 24/7 surveillance from pet-handlers, On-call emergency vet.

5. Urban Tails

Urban Tails Pet Resort is an ideal indoor park dedicated to nurturing your dog’s health in a pet-friendly environment. The wide-open green space for enjoyable walks and exercise keeps your canine buddy happy and active. While the temperature-controlled indoor area provides a cozy retreat regardless of the outside weather. Owners are welcome to send along their pet’s favorite toys and blankets for added comfort. 

Urban Tails Dubai

Main Attributes 

Location: Jebel Ali, Dubai Investment Park 

Opening Hours: Sunday – Friday: 7 am – 7 pm; Saturday: Closed

Registration Policy: Online registration and assessment request is required to initiate the process. No membership fee. 

Boarding Facility: Variety of suites including Junior, Deluxe, Urban, and Royal for different sizes. Plasma TV and Webcam are available only in Urban suites. Complimentary spa treatment if stay exceeds 4 days.  

Amenities: 3 indoor playgrounds, 2 swimming pools, a shaded lush green garden, a transport facility, and engaging fun activities. 

Pet-Handler Availability: Round-the-clock supervision of trained professionals and personal attention.

Follow The Requirements of Indoor Dog Park

You must fulfill the following requirements of the indoor dog park in Dubai to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for both your pet and others.

  • Before availing any services, owners must complete the mandatory online registration.
  • Dogs must successfully pass an assessment test to be considered for participation, ensuring compatibility with the park’s social atmosphere.
  • Owners are required to provide up-to-date vaccination records to ensure the well-being of all attending dogs and to maintain a healthy environment.
  • For the safety of all visitors, aggressive dogs or those with infections are not permitted within the indoor dog park premises.
  • To maintain a secure environment, children are not allowed within the indoor dog park premises.
  • Dogs must be on a leash during entry and exit from the park.
  • The park management reserves the right to prohibit a dog from participating in activities if it displays unusual or disruptive behavior. 


As we conclude our exploration of the indoor dog park landscape in Dubai, it’s evident that these indoor dog parks offer not just a recreational space but a carefully curated environment for our beloved furry companions. So, consider taking a step towards creating lasting memories for your dog.

Rico Alanan

Rico Alanan

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