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Everything You Need to Know About Pet Passport in the UAE

Discover the essential steps for obtaining a UAE pet passport. Ensure a hassle-free journey with your pet with our comprehensive guide and tips.

Pet Passport

Discover the essential steps for obtaining a UAE pet passport. Ensure a hassle-free journey with your pet with our comprehensive guide and tips.

The deep bond between pets and their owners has given rise to a growing need for pet passports, a vital document for those wishing to explore the world with their four-legged companions.

The concept of a pet passport Dubai transcends mere travel logistics. It’s a journey through a maze of health checks, vaccinations, and bureaucratic nuances, each step a testament to the commitment of pet owners to their furry friends.

This guide simplifies the pet passport process, making your travel adventures with your pet smooth and worry-free. Ready to embark on a journey filled with care and compliance? Let’s get started!

What is Pet Passport?

A pet passport is a legal document that records important information about your pet, including their health and vaccination history. In the UAE, it’s a mandatory requirement for any pet owner wishing to travel abroad with their animal companions. This document ensures that pets meet the health standards of the destination country.

How to Get a Pet Passport for Cat and Dog?

To get a pet passport for cat and dog you must meet the following eligibility criteria:

AgeThe pet must be at least 15 weeks old.
Common Eligible PetsCats and dogs are the most common pets eligible for passports in the UAE.
Breed RestrictionsSpecific breed restrictions apply, particularly for dogs.
Banned Dog Breeds• American Bully
• American Pit Bull Terrier
• Pit Bull Terrier
• Japanese Tosa (TosaInu; Tosa Fighting Dog)
• Argentinian Fighting Dog
• Brazilian Fighting Dog
• Staffordshire Bull Terrier
• Canary Fighting Dog
• American Staffordshire Terrier

What are the Animal Transport Requirements in UAE?

Animal transport to the UAE requires pets to be at least 15 weeks old and identified with an ISO 11784 compliant 15-digit non-encrypted microchip. Upon arrival, owners must present an original vaccination card or animal passport, detailing the pet’s microchip, date of birth, and vaccination history. A health certificate from an authorized vet is essential, and for certain animals like birds, a CITES permit is required. Personal imports are limited to a maximum of two pets (cats or dogs) per year. These regulations ensure the health and safety of pets entering the UAE.

Microchipping and Identification

Microchipping is a crucial step in the pet passport process. This small chip, implanted under the pet’s skin, serves as a permanent ID and is linked to the owner’s contact information. In the UAE, microchipping is mandatory for all pets applying for a passport.

Pets must be microchipped with an ISO 11784/11785 compliant 15-digit pet microchip. The microchip should be implanted before administering any vaccinations.

Health and Vaccination Requirements

The cornerstone of a pet passport is the health and vaccination record. Pets must be vaccinated against rabies and other diseases. A valid rabies vaccination is non-negotiable, and other vaccinations may be required depending on the destination country. A health certificate from a licensed veterinarian is also a must, confirming that the pet is fit to travel.

Rabies Vaccination

Pets must be vaccinated for rabies between 21 days and 12 months prior to entering the UAE. The rabies vaccination must be administered after the microchip is implanted.

Additional Vaccinations

For dogs, additional vaccinations against Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parvovirus, and Parainfluenza are required. For pets being boarded, the Bordetella vaccine, essential for preventing kennel cough, is a requisite. For cat passport UAE, vaccinations against Feline Enteritis (Panleukopenia,  Calicivirus and Feline Influenza are necessary. 

Rabies Titer Test

A rabies titer test is not required for pets entering the UAE from most countries. However, it’s important to check if the country you are traveling from has any specific requirements. Pets travelling from the following countries don’t need titer test:

Countries don’t need titer test• Belgium • Italy • Sweden • New Zealand • Japan • Bahrain • Estonia • Czech Republic • Denmark • Australia • Austria • Andorra • Aruba •Barbados • Comoros • Cyprus • Fiji • Finland • French Polynesia •Falkland Islands • Germany • Hong Kong • Iceland • Ireland • Jamaica •Kazakhstan • Kuwait • Liechtenstein • Malaysia • Malta • Mauritius • New Caledonia • Portugal • Qatar • San Marino • Seychelles • Singapore •Switzerland • United Kingdom • Vanuatu

Tips to Remember For Pet Passport

  • Vaccinations must be current upon entry and given at least 2 weeks prior to the export date to ensure optimal effectiveness.
  • Treatments for both internal and external parasites are necessary within a 14-day window before leaving.
  • Since a veterinary check for export is mandatory within 10 days of departure, it’s advisable to schedule the parasite treatment during this vet visit.

Securing an Import Permit for Your Pet

The task of acquiring an import permit for your pet’s entry into the UAE will be efficiently handled by your Pet Relocation services. The time frame for obtaining this permit ranges from three days to a fortnight, and it remains valid for 30 days post-issuance. An import permit is required for all pets entering the UAE. This permit is obtained from the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment.

Completion and Endorsement of APHIS Form 7001

This essential international health certificate, available at your veterinarian’s office, should be issued no later than 10 days before your departure. For those coming from the United States, it’s crucial to have this form endorsed by the USDA.

Essential Documents for USDA Endorsement

Your local USDA office will need to endorse the following documents:

  • The Rabies Vaccination Certificate
  • The General Vaccine Certificate
  • The APHIS Form 7001 (International Health Certificate)

Documents Required for Smooth Customs Clearance

Prior to your pet’s arrival, ensure the provision of:

  • A photocopy of the Pet Owner’s Passport
  • A duly signed Customs Clearance Form, which will be provided by your Specialist

Awareness of UAE Breed Restrictions

Certain breeds, including Pit Bulls, American Staffordshire Terriers, and Rottweilers, are prohibited from entering the UAE. Verify the admissibility of your pet’s breed with the UAE embassy or consulate.

Special Requirements for Birds and Other Animals

Transporting birds or other animals to the UAE involves additional steps. For birds, this includes obtaining a vet-issued health certificate, a CITES permit, and a copy of your passport.

Airline Requirements

Specific airline requirements may include pet carrier specifications, feeding instructions, and other travel arrangements.

Finding Pet-Accommodating Housing in the UAE

Securing pet-friendly lodging in the UAE is crucial. Confirm pet policies with hotels in advance to avoid any issues.

How to Get a Dog or Cat Pet Passport in UAE?

Applying for a pet passport involves several steps. First, ensure your pet’s vaccinations are up to date and they have a microchip. Then, visit a government-approved veterinarian to obtain a health certificate. The final step is submitting these documents, along with your pet’s vaccination record, to the relevant government authority.

How Much Does a Cat Passport Cost?

The cost of obtaining a pet passport Dubai can vary based on several factors, including the type of pet, the specific veterinary services required, and any additional treatments or tests needed. Here’s a general breakdown of potential cat passport UAE prices:

Microchipping: The cost of microchipping your pet can vary, but it typically ranges from AED 100 to AED 250.

Rabies Vaccination: The cost for a rabies vaccination usually falls between AED 100 to AED 200.

Additional Vaccinations: Other required vaccinations for dogs and cats can add to the cost. Each additional vaccine might cost anywhere from AED 50 to AED 150.

Health Certificate: Obtaining a health certificate from a licensed veterinarian can cost around AED 100 to AED 300, depending on the veterinary clinic.

Import Permit: The cost for an import permit is approximately AED 500.

Government Endorsement: Fees for government endorsement of your pet’s documents can vary. It’s advisable to check with the relevant UAE authorities for the exact cost.

Parasite Treatment: Treatments for internal and external parasites might add an additional cost, typically ranging from AED 50 to AED 200.

Miscellaneous Fees: Other fees can include costs for pet carriers, any additional tests (like blood tests), and potential boarding fees if your pet needs to stay at the vet.

Professional Pet Relocation Services: If you choose to use a pet relocation service, this will add to the overall cost significantly. Prices can vary widely based on the services provided and the destination country.

Preparing for Travel

Airlines and Destination Requirements

Each airline has its own set of rules for pet travel, including carrier specifications and whether pets can travel in the cabin or must be placed in the cargo hold. Additionally, pet owners must acquaint themselves with the entry requirements of their destination country, as these can vary significantly.

Pet-Friendly Airlines in UAE

For UAE travelers looking to fly with their pets in the cabin, These are the airlines permitting pets in the cabin for travelers from the UAE in 2023:

  • Emirates Airlines
  • Etihad Airways
  • Air Canada
  • United Airlines
  • Flydubai
  • Air Arabia

Choosing a Competent Pet Transport Company

For a hassle-free journey to the UAE, select a pet transport company well-versed in local regulations. Their expertise is invaluable in ensuring your pet’s safe and efficient travel.

Common Challenges and Solutions

One of the main challenges is navigating the bureaucratic process, which can be time-consuming. Being well-prepared, having all documents in order, and starting the process well in advance of your travel date can help mitigate these challenges.


How Many Pets Can I Take to the UAE on One Permit?

You can take up to two pets for transportation simultaneously on a single permit. 

How Much is it to Get a Dog Passport?

The cost of obtaining a dog passport varies depending on factors like your location, the specific requirements of the destination country, and additional services such as microchipping and vaccinations. Generally, the dog passport UAE price is anywhere from $50 to $200. It’s advisable to check with your veterinarian or local authorities for accurate pricing and necessary documentation.

Which Pets can I Transport to the UAE?

In the UAE, you can bring pets such as dogs, cats, parrots, and small mammals including hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, and ferrets. However, importing exotic pets is prohibited. Additionally, there are specific restrictions on certain dog breeds.

Why is it Essential for Cats to have Cat Passports in the UAE When Travelling?

Cat passports are vital for protecting them and the destination’s animal population from diseases such as rabies. It’s especially important for travel to rabies-free countries to uphold health standards.


Obtaining a pet passport Dubai is a detailed but essential process for pet owners who wish to travel with their animals. By understanding and complying with the requirements, you can ensure a smooth and stress-free travel experience for both you and your pet.

Rico Alanan

Rico Alanan

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