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Warsan Pet Market: A Complete Guide to Navigating Dubai’s Largest Pet Haven

If you want to bring a pet home or are wondering where to get pet supplies in Dubai, Warsan Pet Market provides all you need under one roof.

Warsan Pet Market

If you want to bring a pet home or are wondering where to get pet supplies in Dubai, Warsan Pet Market provides all you need under one roof.

In the heart of the bustling metropolis of Dubai, amidst the towering skyscrapers and the shimmering waters of the Arabian Gulf, lies the Warsan pet market. The Municipality market is located in Al Warsan 3, just closer to The Plant Nursery, and is the favourite spot of pet enthusiasts and curious explorers. 

Warsan Pet Market is not just a haven for feathered friends; it houses a variety of furry companions, including dogs and cats, each with its unique charm and personality. Also, within the confines of the public market, you can find a remarkable diversity of reptiles, fishes, rabbits, and hamsters. 

Whether you need a new pet companion or are looking for grooming heaven for your furry friend, Warsan pet market is your ultimate destination. So, join us on this journey as we explore this pet market, where every creature has a tale to tell, and every visitor finds a moment of connection with the lovely creatures.

An Overview of the Warsan Pet Market Dubai

Warsan Pet Market

Located in Al Warsan 3, Warsan Pet Market, managed by Dubai Municipality, stands as the city’s largest haven for diverse animals.

Beyond just being a hub for buying and selling animals, it offers refuge to many unwanted animals. With four expansive complexes housing 80 shops, the market provides everything from premium pet food to essential accessories, truly making it a paradise for pet enthusiasts.

Location of Warsan Pet Market

The unique and lively marketplace is located on Academic City Street, Al Warsan 3, Mushrif, near The Plant Nursery. The market covers over 20,903 square metres of land and can easily accommodate 800 cars.

Warsan Birds and Pet Market Working Hours

Al Warsan pet market remains open seven days a week, from morning till night. So, you can explore this public market during both morning and evening hours. It is best to visit during the early hours to avoid the afternoon heat, especially if you are looking to buy birds or other sensitive animals.

Morning Hours: From 8:00 am to 2:00 pm

Evening Hours: From 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm

How to Get to the Al Warsan Pet Market?

To get to Warsan Pet Market, you can drive using the Google Maps. Alternatively, you can take a bus, with the closest stops being “Al Warsan 3, Civil Defence Training Centre – 01” and “Manama Road 8 – 01.” If you’re near Costa Coffee, you can take Bus 24 or E16, which takes approximately 92 minutes to reach the market.

Nearby Stations to the Warsan Pet Market

There are two nearby stations to the Warsan Pet Market.

  • “Al Warsan 3, Civil Defence Training Centre – 01”: Approximately 2525 metres and a 33-minute walk away.
  • “Manama Road 8 – 01”: Approximately 4523 metres and 58-minute walk away.

Key Bus Routes to the Pets Market

LocationBus NumberTime Required To Reach
Costa Coffee24 or E1692 minutes
Uptown MirdifE16103 minutes 
International Village 64A, 24, or 53121 minutes 
Festival CenterE1668 minutes
Cedre Shopping Center 44, 366, or E1693 minutes
IKEA24, 53, or 64A92 minutes

Warsan Pet Market Pets Price Range

The price range at Warsan Pet Market varies based on the type of animal and product. It is advisable to compare prices across different shops to get the best deal. Additionally, certain shops like Pet Corner Al Warsan offer discounts of up to 20% on certain products. For specific pricing, it’s recommended to visit the market or contact the sellers directly.

Diversity Available at Warsan Pet Market Dubai

Warsan Pet Market Dubai

One of the most striking aspects of the pet market is the incredible variety of animals available there. From birds showcasing vibrant feathers to playful puppies and kittens tumbling over one another can be found under one roof. Therefore, this largest pet market in Dubai has become the one-stop shop for all pet enthusiasts. 

The market does not only own traditional pets, but you can find other unique companions, including reptiles, hamsters, fish, and rabbits too. Note that the market does not sell any endangered animals. Some of the most visited shops of the Warsan Pet Market include Baracuda Animals Tradings, Pet Go, and Pet Corner.

Is the Birds and Pet Market Eco-Friendly?

Yes, what truly sets this market apart is its commitment to sustainability. With its eco-friendly painted walls and solar-powered infrastructure, it’s a shining example of how commerce and environmental consciousness can coexist.

Does Warsan Pet Market Meet Local and International Health Standards?

Yes, Warsan Pet Market meets both local and international health standards. According to MOCCAE, the market only offers animals that have been screened for health and suitability as pets under both local and international rules.

Additionally, animals for sale are provided with relevant certification from port authorities, and health and environment ministries. Dubai Municipality ensures that these standards are upheld, further emphasising the commitment to animal health and welfare.

Pet Supplies and Facilities Available at Birds and Pet Market

Pet Supplies

The market offers a plethora of pet supplies including food, toys, cages, aquariums, and other accessories. It is a haven for pet owners looking for specific terms. In addition to the supplies, at this pet market, you can also find: 

The Veterinary Clinic 

The medical facilities are up to local and international health standards. The building has administration rooms, a room for the doctor, a pharmacy, two rooms for surgeries, and two wards for temporary visits (each ward has three rooms).  Pet First Veterinary Clinic is just a 32-minute drive away from the market.


Along with rest areas, the market features a number of food trucks, small restaurants, and cafes. You can sit for a while, have some food, and unwind after the tiring trip to the market. Some of the most visited restaurants there include Madha, Taste Region, and Foodya.

Grooming Centre 

The market also offers pet grooming and training services like AWP Animal Trading Boutique LLC. The professional and well-trained staff understands the different breeds of animals and their specific pet grooming needs very well. So, whether your furry friend needs a bath, a stylish haircut, or a nail trim, you can avail of all the services here. 


The Pet Hotel is a part of the market which welcomes travelled animals from diverse regions. The hotel owns 50 rooms, of which 30 are for dogs, while the remaining 20 have been dedicated to cats. The other rooms are dedicated to administration, training, washing, and feeding the animals. 

Quarantine Building

The quarantine building provides shelter to sick animals. Two wards of this building are devoted to dogs, one for cats, and one for birds. 

Auction Building

The building has been made for the auction process and gathering of the participants. The building has been divided into three different parts. The first division is for the administration and visitors’ entrance, the second division is the auction main hall, and the last one organises the animals’ movements in and out of the auction hall.

Additional Facilities

Warsan Pet Market offers a holistic experience for both pets and their owners. The market boasts beautifully designed paths, perfect for leisurely walks with your furry companions, ensuring they get their much-needed exercise.

For visitors arriving by car, there’s a designated parking area, making the visit hassle-free. Adventure seekers can indulge in paid horse riding, experiencing the thrill of galloping with majestic steeds. Additionally, for those looking to explore the vast market with ease, car buggies are available, ensuring a delightful and convenient tour of the premises.

Tips to Make Most of Your Warsan Pet Market Trip

dog in Warsan Pet Market
  • Always check the health and condition of pets before purchasing.
  • Negotiate prices, especially if you’re buying in bulk.
  • Ensure that you have the necessary permits for certain exotic pets.
  • Visit during weekdays to avoid the weekend rush.
  • Before purchasing, do some research on the specific pet’s needs and care requirements.
  • Even if not buying, regular visits can help you stay updated on new arrivals and offers.

Take Away

Nestled in Al Warsan 3, Mushrif, Warsan Pet Market is a haven for animal enthusiasts, showcasing a diverse collection of pets. Beyond just a marketplace, it’s a one-stop destination where pet owners can find every accessory and treat their furry or feathered friends.

Managed by the Municipality, the market extends a range of services, including top-notch medical facilities. Open every day of the week, it welcomes visitors to immerse themselves in a delightful experience amidst enchanting creatures.

Rico Alanan

Rico Alanan

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