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Can Neutered Male Cat Get Female Pregnant?

Can a neutered male cat get a female pregnant? Take the necessary precautions to prevent undesirable pregnancy and protect the sexual health of your feline friends.

can neutered male cat get female pregnant

Can a neutered male cat get a female pregnant? Take the necessary precautions to prevent undesirable pregnancy and protect the sexual health of your feline friends.

Today, neutering and spaying cats are deemed common practices across the world. However, many pet owners can find themselves puzzled when their neutered male cat impregnates a female. So, can a neutered male cat still get a female pregnant?

Yes, a neutered male cat can get a female pregnant if you don’t take post-operative measures. A freshly neutered cat can impregnate a female when they stay together. Immediate separation after neutering is crucial to preventing unintended pregnancies.

Neutering cats is both healthy and beneficial for humans and their feline friends. Therefore, responsible pet parents must be aware of it. Read on to learn more about the neutering procedure and its long-term effects, so you won’t be surprised by your cat’s changing behavior.

Neutered Male Cat Meaning

A neutered cat, achieved through castration for males, means a cat with no ability to reproduce. It’s a surgical procedure carried out to remove reproductive organs from cats so they become sterile (infertile). When performed on female cats, the procedure is called spaying.

Animal Welfare Charities like RSPCA also recommend performing early-age neutering for various reasons. We have put together this guide so you can come prepared with your pet for a consultation at the Pet First Veterinary Clinic.

Why Should I Neuter My Cat?

You should neuter your cat because it promotes their health and improves behavior, reducing risks of certain cancers and curbing aggression and territorial spraying. Neutering also helps control the pet population, decreasing the number of homeless cats and easing shelter burdens. This responsible choice contributes to a longer, healthier life for your cat and benefits the wider feline community.

What are the Benefits of Neutering Male Cats?

With our years of experience, we have noted the following proven benefits of neutering a male cat:

Less Aggression

It’s natural to find intact male cats engaging in fights over territory or females. Neutering them lessens their urges to dominate and mate. Ultimately, you’ll find them behaving more respectfully toward your guests and their feline companions.

Reduced Disease Transmission

As in humans, STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) can also affect cats. An intact cat is more likely to catch FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus). Removing the sexual organs also protects them from developing cancer and tumors in those tissues.

Fewer Spraying

Spraying is seen as a normal response to stress, a threat, or simply to mark their territory. However, its foul odor makes it unbearable for the homeowners. So is getting your cat neutered beneficial? Can neutered male cats still spray?

Neutered male cats may occasionally spray, but the odor noticeably reduces compared to intact cats. While intact cats frequently exhibit spraying behavior, only around 10% of neutered cats are observed spraying.

How Can a Newly Neutered Cat Impregnate a Female?

A newly neutered male can impregnate a female with its residual sperm that remains viable for up to 6 weeks. Therefore, it’s suggested that male cats must live separately to avoid mating during this period.

You should know what happens after neutering a male cat to prevent accidental pregnancy. Neutering is a procedure to remove testicles (the organ responsible for producing the male sex hormone testosterone).

Despite their removal, it’s possible that some viable sperm and testosterone were released before and are present in the system. Hence, seeing a female cat in heat may cause arousal and mounting behavior. Eventually, a female cat will become pregnant.

Do you know how long after neutering a cat is testosterone gone? It may take 4 to 6 weeks for the leftover hormone and sperm to clear out of the system. To prevent an undesirable pregnancy, veterinarians suggest keeping your neutered feline indoors for at least 30 days.

What is the Best Age to Neuter a Cat?

There’s a huge debate over the best age to neuter a cat. It’s ideal to neuter a cat before it reaches puberty. For pet cats, it tends to perform between 12 and 16 weeks. For feral cats, Animal Welfare organizations in different states have different policies.

Research published in 2014 revealed that 83.5% of owners believe that a cat can’t become pregnant before 5 months of age. While 26.4% think that a female cat can’t conceive before one year of age.

Research published in the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery says that most breeds can reproduce when they’re 4 months old.

Non-Surgical Alternative to Neutering a Male Cat

In recent years, veterinary science has introduced innovative solutions to control feline reproduction. One such method is the use of Suprelorin® 4.7 mg (deslorelin implant). It serves as an alternative for those hesitant about traditional surgical neutering. It has been approved after analyzing the safety and efficacy in male cats at 3 months of age.


In certain circumstances, a neutered male cat can get a female pregnant. That’s why it calls for vigilant and responsible action from you to prevent unintended pregnancies.

To contribute to the well-being of your feline companion and help control the overpopulation of cats, consider neutering and consult veterinarians for guidance on the most appropriate approach for your pet.

Rico Alanan

Rico Alanan

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