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Dr. Ansar Mahmood Lakhi

Anesthesia Expert: Artisan of making procedure pain free


Navigating the delicate realm of anaesthesia with precision and care, Dr. Ansar Mahmood Lakhi has emerged as a maestro in the veterinary world. Currently lending his profound skills to the team at Pet First Veterinary Clinic, Dr. Ansar ensures that every procedure is accompanied by the utmost comfort and safety for the pets. His mastery over anaesthesia techniques, combined with a deep understanding of animal physiology, makes him a trusted figure in the field. No matter how simple or complex the procedure is, Dr. Lakhi’s dedication ensures that every pet experiences minimal discomfort and is in the safest hands. His dedication to achieving excellence and prioritizing patient well-being solidifies his standing as a
respected authority in the field of anaesthesiology.




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